“If we believe our greatest return comes from prayer-  we would spend more time investing in it.”

Make the deposit and then wait with expectation of gain/profit in return.

Be grateful, always.

XoXo, Jackie


A New Thing!



“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” -Isaiah 43:19

The start of a new year is always fresh. However, I like to think of the newness the scripture speaks of each day. It is evident that whenever the new year begins, we look at life anew. But, I want to encourage us to look at everyday like so- not because it’s the start of a New Year but because each day in Christ is new.

God starts by telling us in Isaiah 43:19, to have hope, because of what he is going to do. Something new is to come and although there is no physical description as to what this new thing is, we know it is good because it is from him.

The second hope described in this scripture is of what has already begun. Again, what God is referencing here is not specific, and  I’d like to think that the scripture was written in this way, to leave room for the unimaginable and to keep us in the position to seek him for answers.

Like God’s grace, this scripture reminds me of the goodness that God has already prepared for me and you. It reminds me to look back on what he has already done in and through my life and to thank him for it all. The scripture also encourages me to look forward to whats to come.

Gods grace is a gift.

We know this because it is mentioned throughout the scriptures: Ephesians 2:8 and Romans 11:6. Unlike man, when God gifts us something, it is full. He doesn’t give us half of a gift. He never says: “Here is your gift, but only half of it is for you.” When he gives he gives fully.

“See I have already begun. Do you not see it?” -Isaiah 43:19

As we journey along each day of this New Year, I pray that you and I would put our hope in Jesus Christ. We are all waiting in some way or another for something. May it be our hearts desires, unanswered prayers, joys, or pains.

Whatever this new thing is that we wait for, I pray that we would look to Jesus (the answer) for the answers and wait for them with expectancy!

For in him all things are made complete. God is not just beginning this new thing; It has already begun!

Happy New Year!

XoXo, Jackie